Diagram of Wallet Recovery Methods

A guardian is an account on the Ethereum blockchain that you give permission to help you with limited security actions. A guardian never has access to your assets.

A guardian can be:

  1. hardware wallet, for example a Trezor or Ledger.
  2. MetaMask account
  3. person you’ve selected because you trust them (e.g. a friend or family member).
  4. Argent's two-factor option, this automated solution uses 2-factor authentication via phone and email.

You can pick and choose any combination you like.

The downside to social recovery though is that, as it's on-chain, it requires gas. These gas fees have soared due to Ethereum’s rising popularity. It regularly now costs over $100 to recover a wallet.

Free Wallet Recovery

Opt-in to the new approach (before you lose your device)

  • Existing wallet owners need to enable the new method before they can make a recovery with it. You need to do this before you lose your device. To set it up, you'll either see a prompt when you open Argent or you can tap:
  1. The account switcher icon (top left of home screen)
  2. 'Settings'
  3. 'Wallet Recovery'
  4. Enable 'Recovery with iCloud / Google Drive' (depending on your device)

To recover your wallet

  1. Download Argent on your new device
  2. Tap 'I have an Argent wallet'
  3. Enter the email address you use for your Argent wallet
  4. Choose 'Recover with iCloud / Google Drive'
  5. Complete two-factor authentication using email and SMS
  6. Wait for the 48 hour security window to complete (this gives you time to cancel the recovery if you want)
  7. Done.

You can always fall back to a recovery with guardians (with a gas fee) if needed.