Library of Web3

Image creds - @waneella

What is this?

Here are my notes for anything I’ve found helpful.

None of this is financial advice

Please do your own research.

Enjoy :)

Why did you decide to do this?

I’m currently taking a gap semester from my university.

During this time, my goal is to learn one new web3 related topic every single day.

Some sections contain a lot of notes, some just a little, some empty (for now).

This library will be updated constantly.

If I made any mistakes please let me know.

Where do I start?

I would recommend Overview of Web3 before anything else. After that, feel free to dive deeper into all the other categories.

Want to include another topic or resource?

Feel free to send a DM to @alexdphan on Twitter or Telegram

Update: This page is not updated anymore, please use resources with caution

Huge credit to all the people included within the sources